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Why Study in Europe?

Europe is the ideal destination for young students seeking to establish themselves abroad. It boasts of high quality universities in every discipline and a welcoming multi-cultural environment.

  • Renowned universities
  • Access to scholarships & free education (some countries)
  • Opportunities in sciences, arts & business
  • Multicultural environment
  • Access to Europe
Visas for Study in Europe

For students intending to study in Europe, there are a variety of visa possibilities. The following are the most important:

Europe Schengen Visa

This is a three-month temporary student visa for international students who intend to study in a Schengen country. This visa can be extended once it expires, and if a student is accepted into his visa program, he or she can apply for a residency permit. A Schengen study visa may be granted without an IELTS or other language exam if the organization does not need it.

Long Stay Visa

This Long Stay visa is usually awarded to international students who enroll in courses or programs that need them to stay for longer than six months. A residency permit is also included with this visa.

Student Visa in Europe

This is the most common sort of visa for international students. Once a student has received an offer of admission or an admission letter, he or she can apply for this visa. Students are typically permitted to enter the country in order to follow a certain course or program at that university, according to admission letters.

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